Wedding Uplighting

A new service now being offered by Digital Djs, Led wedding up-lighting turns an ordinary event into something spectacular.

This lighting trend is perfect for adding color, depth and dimension to wedding receptions. Older par can lights not only demand thousands of watts of power but are often the culprit of blown fuses. They get hot enough to fry an egg on in less than 10 minutes and they are placed at a dangerous level for adults and kids alike.

LED uplighting is a much safer and more practical option at just a few degrees warmer than room temperature and set a wonderful tone adding ambience quickly and inexpensively.

Shining light upward from the floor brings blase surfaces to life and paints streams of light and shadow that add height to your environment, accentuating architectural features, support columns and brightening otherwise dark corners in the room. Lighting used to be prohibitively expensive, now it is a special event necessity.

With the new LED up-lighters, you can uplight your wedding reception in colors from an infinite palette of possibilities apart from the 3 basic colors. We can offer colored lights or warm white and gold hues to accent an already vivid room and create depth and drama with light. Everything in the room will glow with your choice of colors

See more pictures in our wedding uplighting gallery.

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