Music Database

4-PlaylistAdvice on how to create a playlist and use our music database in 10 easy steps:

1. Click to Launch music database.

2. To get started type in an artist name or song name in the assigned search box (AC/DC for example). A list of songs from that artist will appear below the search box. There will be 3 coloured boxes to the right of each song
“Green: Must play ““Amber: Play if possible”.” Red: Do not play”

3. You will be allowed a maximum of 100 songs in each one of these categories

4. When you have selected the songs you will see that they have been put into their selected   categories and that each gives you how many songs have been selected so far and an estimated running time for all the tracks selected.

5. When you are happy with your playlist click the “save my list” button.
You will be then ask to enter your “Name”, the “Date of your wedding” and your “email address”

6. To help you along with you music choice there is a “most requested” option which gives you a list of 200 of the most requested songs on the system.

7. Also if there is a song that is not on the system it can be added as a custom song by pressing the”custom song” button. Fill in the artist name and song title and click on “add song”

8.On the list there is also an option for a footnote to accompany the song just click the note icon on the right of the song on the list and you can add a note for the Dj (ie First dance song)

9. You can log back in at any time to edit your playlist by clicking load my list. Enter your wedding date and email address and you can add or take away from the list.

10. Once you have completed the list and are happy with it you must click “SUBMIT MY LIST” if you do not click this the playlist will not be forwarded to our office for your Dj to be able to view.

That’s it enjoy creating your playlist and remember don’t forget to click on the submit button

Click to launch music datababase

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